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1st ENTRIES KENILWORTH – Saturday 26 January 2019

SUN MET (Grade 1) R 5,000,000 2000m
Open to horses at Weight For Age
WFA: 3yrs-6.0kgs 4yrs-0.5kgs

 LEGAL EAGLE (7G)  123 Sean Tarry
 OH SUSANNA (AUS) (4F)  121 Justin Snaith
 UNDERCOVER AGENT (4C)  120 Brett Crawford
 DO IT AGAIN (4G)  117 Justin Snaith
 HAT PUNTANO (ARG) (5H)  115 Joey Ramsden
 EYES WIDE OPEN (4C)  114 Glen Kotzen
 TAP O’ NOTH (4C)  113 B Vaughan Marshall
 ELUSIVE SILVA (6G)  111 Justin Snaith
 RAINBOW BRIDGE (4G) 110 Eric Sands
 CASCAPEDIA (IRE) (5M)  109 B Mike de Kock
 IT’S MY TURN (6G)  108 Dean Kannemeyer
 LADY IN BLACK (4F)  108 Dennis Drier
 MADE TO CONQUER (5G)  108 Justin Snaith
 MILTON (7G)  108 Bill Prestage
 SABINA’S DYNASTY (5M)  106 Paul Peter
 HASHTAGYOLO (4F)  105 Dean Kannemeyer
 KAMPALA CAMPARI (5G) 105 Andre Nel
 NOBLE SECRET (4G)  105 Mike de Kock
 TAKINGTHEPEACE (4F)  105 Mike de Kock
 HEAD HONCHO (5G)  104 Andre Nel
 LIKE A PANTHER (4C) 104 Mike de Kock
 INFAMOUS FOX (AUS) (4G) 103 Candice Dawson
 LOVE TO BOOGIE (5M) 103 B Andre Nel
 BUFFALO BILL CODY (4C) 102 Mike de Kock
 ROCKET COUNTDOWN (4G) 102 Candice Bass-Robin
 DOUBLEMINT (4C) 101 Justin Snaith
 PLATINUM PRINCE (5G) 101 B Justin Snaith
 HAWWAAM (3C) 100 Mike de Kock
 FORT EMBER (6M) 98 Paul Peter

Please Note:

1st Supplementary Entries Closes at 11:00 Tuesday 11th December 2018

Final Supplementary Entries Closes At 11:00
Monday 7th January 2019 And Weights

Final Declarations Closes @ 11:00 Monday 14th January 2019

Final Fields Will Be Announced On Monday 14th January 2019

Draws TBA at an event on Wednesday 16th January 2019

To avoid running the risk of being eliminated,
please finalise your declarations by closing time
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